Lustrum Biologica 2022

Welcome to the lustrum of 2022

“In 2022 the study association Biologica will be existing for 35 years! This will be celebrated elaborately with two full weeks of activities. Examples are the Carnaval beer cantus, Silent Disco, Crazy 88 and of course the gala! We are looking forward to the 7th lustrum! And we hope you do too.”
Greetings from the seventh LustrumCie, consisting of Mirte van Balen, Dominique Kemps, Hedwig van de Kamp, Ilja van Lierop, Diana Hofman, Iris Boonstra, Danjella Lamers and Veerle van Beeck.

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What awaits you?

Lustrum 2022

Great speakers

During the symposium ‘Welcome? To the Netherlands’ there will be multiple speakers, including Majrolijn Christianen about the interaction between invasive and native oyster species, Addy de Jongh about the reintroduction of the otter and Wim van der Putten about range expansion.

Experience new things

During our many activities you can experience new things, such as painting, singing or getting to know new food!


The lustrum is THE place to meet all kinds of biologists! When coming to our one of our numerous activities, you can integrate with biologists of different study years. The symposium is also the place to network for your future career.


Are you looking forward to a good party? Then come to our Silent Disco, Carnaval beer cantus or Karaoke evening! We end the two weeks of activities with a grand biologist Gala!

New biologists

As a first-year biology student, you can also enjoy the lustrum! It is the perfect place to meet your fellow students and get to know the study association.
About the schedule


  • Week 01 06 Nov 2022
  • Week 02 13 Nov 2022
  • Week 03 20 Nov 2022
23.30 Sun
01.00 Mon

New Year’s Dive

Start the two weeks of activities with a refreshing dive into the Rhine
20.30 Mon
02.00 Tue

Silent Disco

Come to Annie’s Kroeg in Asserpark for the Silent Disco! Upon arrival, you will receive a headphone with the choice of three different music channels. Each music channel will have a different genre with a Dutch hint.
18.30 Wed
23.00 Wed


During the symposium, there will be multiple lectures fitting to the theme: ‘Welcome? To the Netherlands’. The speakers are Majrolijn Christianen about the interaction between invasive and native oyster species, Addy de Jongh about the reintroduction of the otter and Wim van der Putten about range expansion. With presenter Casper Quist!
12.00 Fri
14.00 Fri

Dutch lunch

Do you want to enjoy some free dutch delicacies? Or would you just like to chat with some fellow biologist while enjoying some snacks? Then come to the Dutch lunch, organized by the DikCie!
00.00 Sun
23.59 Sun

Rest day

On Sunday there will be no activity.
18.00 Mon
20.00 Mon

Eating contest

During the eating contest, you will battle against your fellow biologists to win the ultimate price: a very full belly. Famous Dutch food will be served.
20.30 Tue
02.00 Wed


Aside from the regular karaoke hits, this karaoke evening will have the following theme: Pride (which is broadly celebrated in the Netherlands) and Eurovision. It will be a fun evening full wonderful performances and singing off-key, with hits off artist like ABBA, Queen and Britney Spears.
20.00 Wed
22.00 Wed

Crazy 88

Crazy 88 is a game in which groups get a list of 88 weird and funny task, of which they need to complete as much as possible in a limited time. The group who managed to fulfil most tasks will win!
12.00 Thu
14.00 Thu

Painting Lunch

Would you like to paint a traditional Dutch tile (Oud Hollands tegeltje) with your own text? Of would you like to personalise your own clog? During this painting lunch, you can let your creativity run free!
20.00 Fri
02.00 Fri


We end the lustrum with a grand and spectacular gala! Put on your fanciest outfit and have a nice party! More information about the gala such as ticket prices and location will be announced later.
16.00 Tue
23.00 Tue

Movie night

More information about the movie night will be announce later, but there will probably be shown two movies, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.
20.00 Fri
02.00 Sat

Carnaval beercantus

Put on your best costume to celebrate carnival on the 10th (and eventually 11th) of the 11th! Come sing your heart out while enjoying some nice beer! But beware, listen tot he praesidium or there will be consequences…
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€1.80 (lid)

    • Schilderlunch
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€4.80 (lid)

    • Filmavond
    • All Activities


€6.80 (lid)

    • Cantus
    • All Activities

In this video,
we reveal our theme for this lustrum.